Doing your own Bikini Wax: A recommendation for the brave

Let’s get this out of the way: I’m not a naturalist hippy who believes in body hair. If you advocate for au-naturale, stops your judgement right here and leave this site.

When the corona virus hits, I am not super devastated about social distancing until the government orders all spa and massages to close to ensure public health. I can stay in house for 14 days but I can’t have a body full of hair like a monkey eating instant noodles, not seeing human. The key is to stay normal to ensure mental health. So I decided to not only buy soft wax but also hard wax. Yes, if you know anything about wax you would know that hard wax is for bikini wax. I was attempting to do full Brazilian by myself.

I have been a Wax enthusiast for 10 years or so. I love it because it gives a nice smooth finish for 3 – 4 weeks. Once it grows back, it is not spiky like shaving does. For bikini wax, full Brazilian is my go to choice because living in hot climate and frequent trips to the beach become way easier.

When I started out, I tried making wax at home with sugaring for legs and armpits. It is cheap and easy to do when you are on a tight budget. But I have scars to testify for its difficulty. So I naturally go more frequently to spa salon to do it. I have my favourite spa in Hanoi because they make it quick, rather painless in my opinion and don’t talk too much during the session (which I like). Also there are differences when it comes to waxing in different places because some don’t know how to yank it out, so the hair still stay in the pore, making it grows faster than other places. A good wax should last 3 – 4 weeks for bikini and legs, 2 – 3 weeks for armpits.

With professionals doing my bikini wax for a long time, I am accustomed to the fact that bikini wax doesn’t have to be painful (much). If you frequently wax it, it doesn’t hurt that much. Your body might even miss it and feel kinda stuffy if you don’t wax. Of course the first 2 -3 times, you might want to stab somebody. To find a good salon, you might also have to go through a few shitty ones. Imagine the cool shoes with velcro straps, the way they peel the wax out has to be quick like the way you peel the velcro out (not bit by bit). A great one, will spread the wax then peel in various sections so quickly, that before you have the chance to scream, they already peel the next one. A typical full Brazilian will take between 10 – 15 mins depending on how ‘bushy’ you are.

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As I was searching for similar wax I see at the salon online, I was hit by so many choices. I never asked the brand of wax so I only know the colour and how it typically looks like. Further complicated the problem, most of it is imported from China which is still under quarantined. So ordering oversea might result in the wax arriving next year. I was also unsure whether I should buy the whole set with the warmer because what if I invested in and realized I can’t do it by myself? Fortunately, I found a hard wax brand that allows you to double boil in a sauce pan.

It was strange to see the wax slowly melting like you are trying to melt chocolate. I was slightly nervous because I might burn myself, can’t yank the wax out or it hurts too much. I know that my pain threshold is highest just before my period so I purposely choose that time of the month. It is also recommended to clean but not right after the shower clean so that your skin retains some oil to protect. I remind myself to study my hair grows pattern to ensure things are properly spread. I read all I can to prepare myself for the session.

Once the wax was all melted, it was time. I tested on a small surface on my legs to practice. It was oddly simple. Spread. Dry. Peel. I felt confident like my hands can be from one of those professional.

I started from outer in, following the hair grow. Once you spread it on, there is no way of getting it out except peeling quickly. I spread the wax on a small area, like 2 fingers size, before yanking it out opposite the direction of hair grows. It was pain-free and quick. I might be a psycho but it was satisfying to see the hair sticking on the removed wax. It was the encouragement to continue.

As I moved further in, it was more bushy so it was more visibly difficult to spread the wax. Since you have to find the edge of the wax, pull it up on the opposite direction, it was difficult to separate the wax part and non-wax part. It was the moment of truth when I had to peel right in the center. I was nervous. I didn’t know whether to sit or stand in order to quickly peel it up. I hold it a few times and let go because of fear. I was sweating.

Holy mother of God! It was out!

It was a bit surprising to feel every single hair exiting my body but at the same time, it wasn’t so bad. It was painful but it wasn’t intolerable. I then have more faith in myself to continue doing the top until it was fully clean. Until it was the difficult to see section. I forgot my mirror so I had to do with my understanding of my body. I had to touch and feel a few times before I can kinda trust that I removed it all. Half way there, my wax harden so I had to reheat it before returning to my battle field.

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After half an hour, everything was clean and fresh, like at the salon. My skin was not red at all so it was a good sign. With some baby oil and a quick shower, I’m good as new. It was definitely easier and less scary than I thought. Being forced to wax at home makes me more comfortable in my own skin somehow. A huge upside is money. A typical Brazilian wax costs between $25 – $30 each time. It costs me $15 to buy all the necessary things with enough wax for at least 2 more times. I am happy to say that I would definitely redo my wax next time, even if the social distancing ends. Probably will only return to spa if I am super lazy some how.

Should you do your own bikini wax at home? Yes if you are experienced in being wax before. It is just faster and cheaper if you do it frequently. If you have never done it, I strongly advise against. You should know what to expect before attempting to do it.

Happy Waxing Girls!

P/S: Here are list of things to buy

  • Hard wax with warmer set (including the spatular thing)
  • Baby oil to clean off the wax after
  • Baby powder to dry off your skin before waxing
  • Wet wipe
  • Tweezer for final touch

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