Curvy Vietnamese lady?…sorry you are just fat

On the media today, curvy women are the rage. Fashion brands are starting to embrace curvy women with more inclusive sizing. Even sports brand like Nike features a plus size mannequin just to show that their clothes fit for curvy ladies too. This is honestly great news because clothes are not meant to be hang on a skinny mannequin but on real women with hips, thighs, boobs and many cases bat wings.

While all these happiness about body positiveness and inclusiveness do the rounds, it seems to promote unhealthy lifestyle, especially among Asians living in Asia. Statistically speaking, Southeast Asian women with average height of 1.53m weighs around 54 kg, which lies within a healthy BMI range of 18.5 – 24.9. It should cause concern when a 1.5m woman weighs at 70kg. It just doesn’t make sense to attribute it as being “curvy”.

Genetically, Asians are born with a much smaller body frame compared to Westerners or African descendants. Our bodies normally would not equip with perky butt or big boobs (the de-facto ideal beauty in mainstream media) if we dont’ actively exercise or pump silicon in. What is deemed as curvy in the media (such as Jenifer Lopez, Rihanna, Christina Hendricks and the likes), cannot be applied with Asian body.

Photo by XUNO. on Unsplash

So why is there a significant increase in Asian ladies with butt spilling all over an airplane seat?

Fast Food and Bubble Tea.

The increasing footprints of fast food giants in SEA has contributed to the expanding of waist line. This is self-explanatory. This does not help with social norm of Asian female to be less active than male counter part. At least in Vietnam, the ideal women “đi nhẹ, nói khẽ, cười duyên” – or rough translation “light feet, quite voice, shy smile”. While many of them are kicking ass at work place, they are still super lazy physically. Big intakes of unhealthy food in the fast changing Asian world, limited body exercise just lead to huge ladies of fat.

Before you start lecturing about “body shaming is not good” then please think about whether you are trying to impose white standard onto Asian thinking. Asian believes in being blunt and hurt your gut so you can improve. Doesn’t everyone make fun of the stereotypical Asian parents who says you need to work harder because you get an A instead of A+? That kind of grinding makes Asian tough, being ambitious and moving the whole world economy while the rest of the world is busy drinking wine, enjoying work life balance or being politically correct. Tough love is Asian culture, stop white washing on our methods.

Photo by Tanaphong Toochinda on Unsplash

Statistically speaking, most people who over eat face some sort of emotional deficiency. It is their way of coping with stress, loss of a loved one or running away from problems. So it is better to try to focus on your problems and fix it rather than ordering the next serving of fried chicken. Trying to do 1 push up sounds much harder than wallowing a whole jar of ice cream to drown out the fact that your ex dump you for another girl. However, it would be much better to cry while exercising so you look irresistibly hot than having to mask your fat body as “i’m a curvy lady” (while deep down inside you know you are fat).

It doesn’t help with overweight problem when these fatty are extremely sensitive. Of course, it is the natural response because they know deep down inside, they cannot look hot like another Asian. So instead of being all defensive and hurt with the comments, why not work on it so it doesnt happen again? To be honest, it is for your own good because unlike other races who can be curvy, being a fat Asian just means your body is unhealthy.

If this hurts your little ego then…my point is proven!


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